Monday, November 26, 2012

Reclaimed jigsaw puzzle jewellery

It happened well over a year ago. I was op-shopping with a friend in Sydney's West. I saw a jigsaw puzzle with a strange image on the box. It was one of those old paintings with so many people and details, in really dark rich colours, almost ugly. But I opened the box and thought I love those colours, I could do something with that.

I thought, I'll make some jewellery, I'll find little images amongst the overall scene and I'll make them into brooches. I'll make use of all the different colours in smaller pieces for necklaces or earrings. 

The box sat in my studio for quite some time... I started doing the puzzle, it takes a long time! It does remind me of childhood, tackling some big puzzles with my family over the summer holidays. I think before I even finished making my prototypes, I had already started collecting other puzzles. 

I've spent nights on the sofa and afternoons in the garden, bent over puzzles... I've even tried to rope friends and relatives into helping me, I'm picturing puzzle parties... puzzling times ahead!

Check out some of the pieces I've made so far... more to come, much much more!

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