Monday, October 12, 2009

Recycling the city

An arts project in Newcastle is breathing new life into the CBD by transforming empty shop spaces into creative outlets.

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"Urban decay is a problem affecting cities, regional centres, towns and villages around the country. Boarded-up businesses are lingering reminders of the passing parade of economic activity that has seen a lot of business activity migrate from the main street to shopping malls built further away from the centre of communities.
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Marcus Westbury presented the ABC documentary series, Not Quite Art. The young and articulate writer's career has taken him around the world. On those occasions when he returned to his home town, he was dismayed to see the number of empty shops in the city.
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For Marcus Westbury, the solution to Newcastle's problem seemed obvious: the city's empty space should simply be offered virtually rent-free to anyone with a bit of energy and an interesting idea. He also decided he was going to make that happen. In 2008, he established a concept now dubbed Renew Newcastle."

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